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Data Reduction, Visualization and Analysis

Available software
On-line calculators
DVA team

Available software

There are a number of software packages available to NCNR users.  Some must be used locally at the NCNR and others may be downloaded and used at your home institution.  This page is a list of the available programs organized by topic.  Those programs that can be downloaded are indicated with a D in parentheses (D) but most of these programs can be run locally on JAZZ.  The platforms supported for the downloadable programs are indicated within the web pages.

The following software were originally developed by Brian Toby while a staff member at the NCNR. They are currently being maintained at ANL, with links provided here for your convenience.

EXPGUI/GSAS Reduction and analysis of data for x-ray and neutron diffraction measurements: BT-1

CMPR Display, index and fit diffraction data

other crystallography resources

Consult the web pages above for
support of the crystallography programs
For reduction, visualization and analysis of data from DCS, FCS, HFBS, SPINS, FANS (BT-4), BT2, BT7 and BT9
Support for DAVE: Richard Azuah


For reduction and analysis of data from FCS
Support for XTREAT and TANQENS: Taner Yildirim and Craig Brown

For fitting generic columnar-formatted datasets.
Support for FIT: Ross Erwin
Reduction, visualization and analysis of data from the NG-1 and NG-7 reflectometers
Support for the reflectivity programs: Paul Kienzle
IGOR* programs (D)
For reduction and visualization of data from USANS, NG-B 30m SANS, NG-B 10m and NG-7 SANS
SasView (D)
For analysis of data from USANS, NG-B 30m SANS, NG-B 10m and NG-7 SANS

Support for SANS software: Jeff Krzywon

On-line calculators**

In addition to the resources above, there are a number of Java applets accessible on-line for experimental planning and simulation.  Links to these programs are listed below.
NCNR tools on the web (reflectivity, scattering length density, self-shielding, etc.)
Neutron attenuation and activation (BT-1)
X-ray absorption calculator

DVA Team

The DVA team is responsible for meeting the visualization and analysis software needs of the NCNR scientific staff and user community.  There are a number of software packages listed above that are relatively mature and some that are in the development phase.  The two major efforts currently in the development phase are the DAVE project and reflectivity software development.

Team members

Richard Azuah
Paul Kienzle

*Disclaimer: The use of certain trade names or commercial products does not imply any endorsement of a particular product, nor does it imply that the named product is necessarily the best product for the stated purpose.
**Note that these calculators require JAVA to be locally resident on your computer.

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