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Conference proceedings

We plan to issue conference proceedings on a CDROM. In order to accomplish that, the participants must submit their completed manuscripts to the arXiv system by the deadline (October 20, 2002). We strongly encourage everyone to meet this deadline, because late submissions will not be part of the official conference proceedings.


Abstracts must be submitted for all papers for consideration by October 1, 2002.

The deadline for abstract submission has passed. The abstract submission form issued the NOBUGS abstract identifier; please make a note of this identifier, and include it in the comment field of the paper you will be submitting to the arXiv repository, per instructions below. The abstract identifier will also be used for the purpose of talk scheduling during the conference.


Posters will be displayed throughout the conference; they should be mounted by 1 pm on Monday, November 4. Posters must fit in an area of 1.2 m high by 1.8 m wide. We expect the poster authors to submit manuscripts to the arXiv repository, as well.


The deadline for submission of completed manuscripts is October 20, 2002. Submission of the proceedings contributions will be handled by the ePrint arXiv system. General submission help can be found at the eprint arXiv site. The web upload is particularly easy to use, from a PC, Mac or on Unix. You will receive confirmation email upon every step of the process, if you don't, please check that you have filled all the required fields, and performed all required actions. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the server with an eprint number in the form "arch-ive/yymmnnn".

Important Considerations when Posting NOBUGS Papers to the eprint arXiv Document Format

The eprint arXiv accepts a wide variety of formats, including PDF, which is handy for people using Word. Note, though, that it will reject PS or PDF files created using TeX/LaTeX and ask for the source files.

File Size

The eprint arXiv will reject files over 650k. This problem generally occurs if the paper contains a lot of large figures. Usually large figures are the result of converting jpegs or scanned images to PS files. To avoid this problem, submit smaller graphics, with lower resolution. There is help on how to do this at the eprint arXiv Web site. In principle, you can provide a link to your Web page in the arXiv Comments section pointing users to better quality pictures.

Excessively large figure files make it more difficult to process a proceedings volume as it creates a bottleneck for Web transmission, so it is worth some effort to make your figures smaller.

Title/Abstract Preparation

When filling out the required information form it is important to mention the NOBUGS, and the NOBUGS abstract identifier in the comments field, as well as in the report field along with any of the author's institutional report numbers. Always include the middle initials of the author, e.g., Jane Q. Physicist. This will help simplify tracking.


Authors: Jane Q. Physicist and J.R.B. Goode. 
Comments: Invited talk at NOBUGS2002 Conference, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
NOBUGS abstract identifier NOBUGS2002/012
5 pages, LaTeX, 3 eps figures. Higher res figs at 

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